Information about our custom designed turbos

Hi-flow turbos

We supply a fully customized engineered turbocharger range, fitted into the OEM Toyota CT26 housing. Both turbine and compressor wheels on the turbocharger are custom designed. The original CT26 technology is about 15-30 years old. Our new design contains modern technology and is more responsive to give your Land Cruiser better drivability.

All turbochargers are more efficient and designed to run at higher boost levels with even lower intake temperatures, due to higher efficiency. The bearing system is upgraded with 360 degree thrust bearings and can hold up to 30psi (2bar) of turbo pressure.


At this moment we offer two different sizes 1HD series turbochargers, as personal preferences may vary. The smaller model gives a lot of torque in the 1500-2400 rpm range, which is great for towing or driving a heavy loaded car up hill. The bigger model is capable of more power in the mid and upper range, starting at 1800 rpm.

12H-T Turbocharger

Also, we offer a special turbocharger for the 12HT engine, since they’re still driving around quite a lot in Europe. This turbocharger is matched to suit the displacement and characteristics of the engine. Other than that, it features the same benefits as the turbochargers for the 1HD series engines.

Key benefits

  • Fast response, boost and so torque is reduced to lower rpm’s
  • Boost response improved over stock
  • Torque curve is reduced to lower rpm’s
  • Boost is maintained trough the full rpm range, depending on the tune
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Capable of more boost to create more torque in lower to midrange
  • OEM specific design parameters, so bolt-on upgrade. No need for extra parts!

We’re always trying to find ways to make products better and more efficient. We get a lot of questions about this product due to happy customers. That’s why this page is still under construction. In the future we’ll upload dyno sheets of our engine setups to compare with stock setups.

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