Movement redefined.

Landcruiser driveline components

Redical Performance Turbochargers

Boost your 4×4’s performance with one of our re-engineered turbochargers. We feature a fully customized engineered turbocharger range for various Landcruiser models.

Xcellered ZF 8speed transmission upgrade

Elevate your driving experience with silky smooth shifts. The ZF is often considered as the best and strongest automatic transmission on the planet. We’ve designed an drop-in adapterkit to suit the Landcruiser 4.2 engine series and transfercase.


We opt for Unichip as the go-to choice for ensuring dependable and adaptable tuning solutions for electronically controlled Landcruiser engines. We have designed standard mappings for various engine setups. With the ability to make custom mappings, tuning options are endless.

1HDFTE Standalone conversion

Clean, reliable and quiet, this engine is designated to be the best of the 1HD engine series and has a great power potential.

Our wiring sets simplify the process of integrating a 1HDFTE engine into any project. Harnessing genuine Toyota components like the ECU and accelerator, the conversion is seamless. What’s more, cruise control comes as an included ‘free’ feature, adding to the overall convenience and value of the package.