Update your Landcruiser
to Modern standards

A Powerful Move forward

There was a time when automatics chewed fuel, weighed a ton and shifted poorly. The old prejudices like high fuel consumption and poor driving performance are no longer true. Above all, modern automatic transmissions achieve good fuel consumption. They are also losing their “unsporting” reputation. Many modern sports cars are exclusively equipped with automatic transmissions.

Our latest venture revolves around developing an adapter set that bridges the past and the present, allowing an easy integration of a specialized transmission into classic Landcruisers. The 1HZ and 1HD series engines find their perfect match with a modern 8 Speed transmission, tailored to excel in both road and 4WD applications. 

Silky. Smooth. Commanding.

Instant shifts.

Switch between comfort, sport, towing and offroad modes.

Boost your performance

More efficiency. Reduced power losses.

Drop-in solution

Pre-filled and tested transmission with re-engineered components to match the Landcruiser driveline.

Extend your range

Less RPM, up to 125km’s more on a tank

Up to


More range on one full fuel tank



Handling capibiities

Up to

15% less RPM

For example: 350rpm less at cruise speeds

Shift within


Choose between comfort and sport modes

8 speed for everyone

Complete conversion kit

This full kit contains a 1HD series pre-checked and filled 8HP70 transmission to match a HF2A transfercase from the 80 and 100 series. The kit contains a plug and play wiring harness and pre-configured TCU. Gear selector which features full manual mode and 8 settings for different shifting characteristics. It is literally swap and drive!

DIY conversion components

For LandCruiser enthousiasts who’d like to do an 8 Speed conversion we’ve developed some additional parts to swap in your ZF 8HP70X.


Installation is possible in our workshop or contact one of our dealers in Europe