Out With The Old, In With The New​

The original CT26 technolgy is about 15 to 30 years old. Turbocharger technology has greatly developed over the years. Our hi-flow Turbocharger gives your Toyota Land Cruiser better perfomance, drivability and fuel-economy.

We supply a fully re-engineered turbocharger range for most Toyota Land Cruiser models. Both turbine and compressor wheels are re-designed to run at boost levels up to 30psi or 2 bar with even lower intake temperatures, due to higher efficiency. Also the bearing system is upgraded with 360 degree thrust bearings to improve early spool.

Our hi-flow turbochargers are designed to fit into the OEM Toyota Turbo housing, which makes it a bolt-on solution!

Precision. Perfection.

Instant boost under your right foot

Boost your classic

Special turbocharger options
for the 12H-T engine

Drop-in solution

Fits stock intake and exhaust

Up to


More horsepower

Up to


increased torque

Up to


Lower exhaust tempteratures

Best thing overall:

Bolt on


Choose wisely

Blank compressor housings are available

rebuild Service

Turbo rebuild is also possible, hi-flow options are available for different Toyota models. Contact for info

Redical for everyone


1HD series

1KZ series



Note: all redical turbocharger models are also available with discrete blank compressor housing


Installation is also possible at our workshop