This full kit contains a 1HD series pre-checked and ready to go 8HP70 transmission suited to fit into a 80 or 100 series Landcruiser. This transmission replaces the stock automatic transmission (either a442F or A750F) and features the same in and output connections. It also has the same lenght, so no modifications on the driveshafts needed!


We’ve designed our controls around the fantastic Turbolamik TCU (transmission control unit) to control the gearbox. The Turbolamik TCU are very easy to fit and setup and provide almost OEM levels of control of the gearbox. We’ve spend countless hours to dial-in the settings of the transmission for this application to match.

—fototje met selectiehendel en pijltjes erbij (voor/achter – links/rechts) ter illustratie hoe de pook werkt —

The updated gear selector provides easy control of movement. Normal Drive mode engages easy and comfortable shifts. When the selector is shift to the left it selects one of the pre-configured sport-to offroad modes. When the selector is in this position, manual gear selection is always possible by moving the selector to + or -. Optionally, when a flappy paddle steering wheel is installed, up-or downshifting is always possible and will be retuned to auto mode after 20 seconds.

The program selector rotary switch enables you to select different driving modes when the selector is shifted to the left. Modes are:

P1 – Comfort

P2 – Comfort +

P3 – Sport

P4 – Sport +

P5 – Towing

P6 – Offroad – low range

P7 – Manual with narrow rpm limits

P8 – Manual mode

The gear selector is supplied with a bracket for easy installation into a 100 series and with a 3D printed cover i twill match the original center console panel.


— foto wiring panel —

Wiring is made easy with our plug and play standalone wiring sets. It has a separate waterproof fuse and relaybox. The TCU needs RPM, accelerator pedal and turbo pressure information to calculate the shifting points. These are already available in the 80 and 100 series so the connectors are made to tie in the OEM wiring. For the 80 series models without OEM TPS sensor (typically up to ’93 and manual models) we offer a TPS sensor and bracket in the DIY section.


Oil cooling:

Since this transmission is extremely efficient, the oil ofted needs to warm up rather than to cool down as normally acceptable with Toyota transmissions. Therefore the oem oil cooler can be deleted and the lower section in the radiator can be left unused.  Instead a heat exchanger is installed on the side of the transmission. It only needs to connect to the coolant lines which are often already avaiblae from the rear heater. The ideal fluid operation temperature is in the range of 60-110 degrees which complements perfectly with the coolant temparature.

Filling the transmission requires a special procedure which is eleminated because the heat exhanger is already mounted on the side of the transmission. Therefore the trans is filled and tested on our test bench.


— Options —

These options are not really an option but a feature. There are implemented as standard but dont have to be used if they leave disconnected.

Flappy paddles

The TCU had connection to install some flappy paddles. We have used a MR2 or IS300 oem steering wheels with success.

— trans brake —